Healthy Tuna Melt

When experimenting with a healthy tuna melt I wanted it to be tasty but also low in fat, low in calories and full of veggies, because veggies need to be in every meal.

So here’s my version, I think you’ll find that it satisfies your tuna melt desire without sacrificing your healthy eating desire!

Healthy Tuna Melt

To make tuna you’ll need:

1 can water packed tuna

1 small diced carrot

1 Tbl diced red onion

2 Tbl reduced fat mayo

1/2 tsp regular mayo

To make the sandwich you’ll need:

4 slices thin rye or wheat bread (try to keep it at 120 calories for 2 slices)

1 thinly sliced tomato

1 small thinly sliced cucumber

2 slices reduced fat cheddar cheese or vegan cheese

Drain the tuna and mash it up, add the two mayos and mix well, than add the diced carrot and onion.  Set aside.

Lightly toast the bread, then take two slices and top with tuna and cheese.  Put back in toaster oven and melt cheese.

Top with tomato and cucumber and other slice of toast and that’s it!

This recipe serves 2 and is approximately 250-300 calories.  Serve with additional sliced veggies or a salad.