Healthy Tuna Melt

When experimenting with a healthy tuna melt I wanted it to be tasty but also low in fat, low in calories and full of veggies, because veggies need to be in every meal. So here’s my version, I think you’ll find that it satisfies your tuna melt desire without sacrificing your healthy eating desire! Healthy Tuna Melt To make tuna [...]

Indian Spiced Salmon

I’ve been trying to eat lots of salmon since it’s so high in Omega 3’s, which are really good for you, in case you were wondering! The trick to cooking salmon is not to overcook it, but to remove it from the pan/grill/oven when it’s a little less done than you like.  It will keep cooking [...]

Romantic dinner for two? Yes please!

With Valentines Day just around the corner I guess it’s time to gear up for some A-list recipes.  Whether you are spending the evening with a lover, a friend, a family member or even you favorite pet, it’s nice to do something just a little special… because everyone else is, right? Here is an idea [...]