About Me

Born in sunny San Diego, CA and raised in rainy Portland, OR., Natasha Feldman grew up picking blackberries and tomatoes from her own backyard. She quickly grasped the importance of fresh, local foods and started learning about how food can be used to solve and prevent health problems. Since then she’s been creating recipes that everyone can enjoy, not just health connoisseurs, which incorporate local, sustainable and fresh ingredients.

Natasha has had food allergies since she was a little tike, and has developed recipes that can be adapted for people with any number of dietary restrictions. She is most passionate and motivated by two things; helping people see the importance of local and sustainable food, and encouraging people to view their dietary restrictions as an opportunity, not an obstacle.

Natasha Feldman has converted her friends and family to the Health Food Stalker way of life, and they’re loving it. Now she’s coming for you!!!